Handicapped? Not So Much, Paralympic Athlete, Maybe! New Sign Changes Perception of Disabilities

A revamped version of the familiar blue-and-white disability icon will soon be rolling out across parking signs, bathroom doors and accessible entry ramps in New York City, thanks to a group of activists who say the traditional logo portrays them as limited, helpless and inaccurately passive.

After several years of petitioning for change, designers from Gordon College in Massachusetts have come up with an alternative to the traditional stick figure sitting back in a wheelchair.

Their new character is dynamic, leaning forward with its arms at the ready.

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Blonde Haired Hottie, Amy Lance: I eat 10,000 Brussels Sprouts A Year

IT’S the festive food we love to hate — but Amy Lance happily scoffs 10,000 Brussels sprouts a year.

And as a supermarket sprout scout she eats as many as 500 A WEEK in the run-up to Christmas.

Amy, 26, hated the veg as a child, but has grown to love it so much that she even asks for an extra helping on December 25.

Her job for Waitrose is to decide which of around 25 varieties of sprout work best for the store — and also to develop completely new varieties.
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Woman, 27, Dies of Lung Cancer After She’s Given Lungs of A Chain Smoker During Transplant

A 27-year-old woman with cystic fibrosis died of cancer after she was given the donor lungs of a smoker.

Jennifer Wederell, of Hawkwell, Essex, died at home in August – 16 months after the transplant at Harefield Hospital in London.

Colin Grannell said he believes his daughter would not have agreed to the transplant had she known the middle-aged donor was a heavy smoker.

The hospital has apologised for not giving her that choice.
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Yes, This Is What Happens When You Do Meth… And Yes, She’s Alive In The Second Picture…


That’s Adora before her mind was consumed by Meth… She was 48 at the time…

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New Study Claims Drinking Beer is Good for … Children

Drinking beer is good for you and your children, a study by Japan’s oldest brewery says.

Hops, one of the three basic ingredients of beer along with water and barley, contains a chemical compound called humulone, which can help the human body fight the virus that causes the common cold in adults, according to a report by the news agency Agence-France Presse. The same virus also can cause bronchitis and pneumonia in children. With vaccination for these illnesses has yet to be found, the study by Japanese beverage giant Sapporo says that beer could prove a unique way of curbing infection.

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