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Chicago Aims To Curb Teen Pregnancy By Showing Photos Of… Pregnant Teenage Boys

The city of Chicago’s Department of Public Health wants to get kids and their parents talking about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it. And they want to convince teens that unplanned teen pregnancy is not just an issue for girls to deal with. They have accomplished both goals with their new provocative ad campaign that features pregnant teen boys.

Take a look:

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Detroit Students on Way To School Film Man Raping Dog, Cops Arrive, Dog Refuses To Press Charges

Detroit Police thought they had seen it all, until this morning.

Students on the way to Denby High School saw a man having sex with a dog. They shot video on their cell phone and showed it to school security, who called police.

When they arrived, they found a naked man sitting on the ground behind two vacant houses near the corner of Kelly and Spring Garden.

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Handicapped? Not So Much, Paralympic Athlete, Maybe! New Sign Changes Perception of Disabilities

A revamped version of the familiar blue-and-white disability icon will soon be rolling out across parking signs, bathroom doors and accessible entry ramps in New York City, thanks to a group of activists who say the traditional logo portrays them as limited, helpless and inaccurately passive.

After several years of petitioning for change, designers from Gordon College in Massachusetts have come up with an alternative to the traditional stick figure sitting back in a wheelchair.

Their new character is dynamic, leaning forward with its arms at the ready.

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Blonde Haired Hottie, Amy Lance: I eat 10,000 Brussels Sprouts A Year

IT’S the festive food we love to hate — but Amy Lance happily scoffs 10,000 Brussels sprouts a year.

And as a supermarket sprout scout she eats as many as 500 A WEEK in the run-up to Christmas.

Amy, 26, hated the veg as a child, but has grown to love it so much that she even asks for an extra helping on December 25.

Her job for Waitrose is to decide which of around 25 varieties of sprout work best for the store — and also to develop completely new varieties.
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Video: Martin Ssempa, Pastor in Uganda Uses Fruits To Graphically Demonstrates Gay Sex On National TV

A prominent anti-gay Ugandan pastor condemned homosexuality during a televised discussion with a transgender activist, engaging in a graphic demonstration of gay sex involving bananas, cucumbers and other produce items.

On the talk show “Morning Breeze,” Reverend Martin Ssempa declared, “When you are homosexual, you have more chance of experiencing death from HIV –- why?”

Picking up a banana, he noted, “When you take a man –- this is a man’s genitals — you insert them into the intestine, OK? They put their genitals into their excretory system…this excretory system is not designed to receive, it is only for exit!”

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