Florida Man Arrested For Forcefully Placing Dog Leash and Collar On Girlfriend, 55, During Argument

Delray Beach police say Nicholas Vigliarulo had his dog — and his girlfriend — on leashes Tuesday.

Vigliarulo apparently used a dog leash to try and drag the unidentified woman back into their home during a violent argument, the arrest report said.

The trouble started at around 8 a.m., when the couple began battling and the 55-year-old Vigliarulo pushed the woman to the ground, according to the arrest report.

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‘We Drove With Our Daughter Locked In A Cage On The Back of The Pickup To Please The Dog’- Parents

A couple is facing charges after a 10-year-old girl rode in a dog cage in the back of a pickup truck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

“She wanted to be with her dog. She plays with him in here all the time. They were strapped in,” Abbey Carlson said,

Today, the two spoke about the incident claiming it was all a misunderstanding. The parents Carlson, 29, and stepfather, 30-year-old Thomas Fishinger, said their daughter likes to play in the cage with her dog. So, when the dog started to cry during the drive home they let her climb in.

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Video: Holy Guacamole! Golden Eagle Snatches Human Baby Off The Ground And Attempts To Fly Off

I guess these things do happen, just never thought I’d actually get to see it on video. Anyway, this Golden Eagle in Montreal, Canada was hungry or something, so s/he decided to take the easy way out and snatched a human baby… Not difficult to do considering the fact that Golden Eagles have wingspans of 6 to 7.7 feet.

Thankfully, the baby weighed a bit more than s/he could handle (or maybe s/he panicked), so after swooping down and snatching it, s/he dropped it from about 5 feet in the air.

While the kids dad was obviously shaken, good news is that the kid will forever have one heck of a story to tell… Video below:

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Man Wears 70 Items Of Clothing On A Flight To Avoid Excess Baggage Charge

A man took to putting on 70 items of clothing to avoid an extra baggage charge at an airport.

The unidentified passenger turned up at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China, described as looking like a ‘sumo wrestler’.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the man’s luggage exceeded the weight limit. He did not want to pay the extra baggage costs, and thus took out and wore more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans.

Wanting to board a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he was stopped by the metal detector and had to undergo a full body search.

In his numerous pockets were batteries, thumb drives and device chargers.


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Video: Hell Hath No Fury… Enraged Brazilian Woman Goes Medieval On Her Cheating Husband’s Car

Rule #1: Do not piss your wife off
Rule #2: Do not piss your Brazilian wife off
Rule #3: If you must disobey #1 and #2, please make sure your car insurance covers damage inflicted by an enraged spouse.

The videos below were taken in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, in the Vila Olímpia upper-Class neighborhood.

The woman discovered her husband was having an affair and had parked his black Honda Accord on the street where his mistress lived. Being a self respecting hot blooded woman, she pounced on the car and carried out a one woman demolition derby, destroying it with everything and anything she could lay her hands on.
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