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NJ Student Arrested, Has Home Searched After Teacher Discovers Drawings of Weapons In His Notebook

Every school in America is on edge this week, but behavior by a student at Cedar Creek High School Tuesday had school officials on alert.

The Superintendent of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District said around 2 pm Tuesday, a 16 year old student demonstrated behavior that caused concern.

A teacher noticed drawings of what appeared to be weapons in his notebook. School officials made the decision to contact authorities.
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NY Businessman, Saquib Khan, 51, Arrested For Writing $82 Million In Bad Checks… Over 2 Weeks

A Staten Island business owner known for throwing lavish fund-raisers for political candidates was charged with writing $82 million in bad checks — in just two weeks.

Saquib Khan wrote the worthless checks last month, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors. Khan, 51, was released on $400,000 bail.

He has thrown big-dollar fund-raisers on both sides of the aisle, according to a report in the Staten Island Advance.

The arrest marks a steep fall for Khan, who hosted a $1,000-a-plate dinner for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2000 and later threw a cash bash for then-Gov. George Pataki.

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Blonde Haired Hottie, Amy Lance: I eat 10,000 Brussels Sprouts A Year

IT’S the festive food we love to hate — but Amy Lance happily scoffs 10,000 Brussels sprouts a year.

And as a supermarket sprout scout she eats as many as 500 A WEEK in the run-up to Christmas.

Amy, 26, hated the veg as a child, but has grown to love it so much that she even asks for an extra helping on December 25.

Her job for Waitrose is to decide which of around 25 varieties of sprout work best for the store — and also to develop completely new varieties.
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