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Man Wears 70 Items Of Clothing On A Flight To Avoid Excess Baggage Charge

A man took to putting on 70 items of clothing to avoid an extra baggage charge at an airport.

The unidentified passenger turned up at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China, described as looking like a ‘sumo wrestler’.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the man’s luggage exceeded the weight limit. He did not want to pay the extra baggage costs, and thus took out and wore more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans.

Wanting to board a flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he was stopped by the metal detector and had to undergo a full body search.

In his numerous pockets were batteries, thumb drives and device chargers.


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Oh My… This is an actual newspaper page, no really, it is…

In what appears to be a terrible misfortune of oversight, the South Carolinian newspaper Rock Hill Herald has issued an apology after running a large advertisement for firearm sales alongside its coverage of the Connecticut school shooting in the Saturday edition. While the editor of the newspaper explained that it wasn’t intentional on anyone’s part as the ad placement had been determined on Thursday morning prior to the tragic development on the next day, he also acknowledged the fault on failing to recognize the mishap before running the paper for delivery on Saturday morning.

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