Ohio Robbers Hold 2 Year Old At Gunpoint During Home Invasion, Tell Him Not To Try Anything Funny.

Home Invasion

A toddler is held at gunpoint during a Middletown home invasion.

Just after midnight on Friday, two masked men entered the Seneca Street home Neil Amburgey shares with Stephanie McDaniel and her 2-year-old son.

Police say one of the men searched the home for valuables while the other held the family captive at gunpoint.

Amburgey was able to identify one of the intruders as McDaniel’s cousin, Christopher Sprinkles.

After an investigation, Sprinkles was arrested and charged with burglary, tampering with evidence and possession of marijuana.

Officers also arrested Marcus Williams. Police say he was the man who held the family at gunpoint while Sprinkles searched the home. He’s charged with aggravated burglary.

Middletown police say they expect to charge a third person for receiving stolen property.