Timaya is looking for a God fearing, submissive, intelligent woman…..


I have nothing against Timaya and I wish him all the best. Its just that when I read a lot of these things men want in women, I wonder if they realize that a lot of it has to be reciprocated.

So the question begs asking: Is the man worthy of what he wants in a woman?

In a recent  interview with Life&Beat, the self-styled Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa said:

“My bride must be very intelligent, outspoken, caring and loving. Her strongest quality is, she must be God-fearing. A woman that is God-fearing will not jump around and she will be submissive to her man.”


“I’m not searching for a perfect woman. I’m not yet married because I haven’t found a God-fearing woman who will pamper me and our would-be children. A woman that cooks very well and who will stay my side in time of trials. A womanwho loves me from the depth of her heart, in spite of my shortcomings.  I’m waiting for God to guide me to that woman.”

I hope he’s also God fearing, will not jump around with other women, will love her as Christ loved the church ( the second part of the verse men always seem to forget when seeking ‘submissiveness’ in their wives to be) will pamper his wife and their kids and will stay by her side in time of her own trials (for instance if there are reproductive challenges)

Good luck bro!