Android- Keep your ringer volume in check with Volume Control+

People who know me often ask if I’m paid by Android to be an evangelist for the OS, that’s how enthusiastic I am about it. I’m not, but I do my best to keep up with all things Android related.

Having said that, I’m still figuring the OS out, and one challenge I’ve run into is adjusting volume for various apps, so I was extremely glad when I ran into this app on one of the forums I frequent, figured you’d find it as useful as I have.


Have you ever missed a call because you unintentionally lowered the ringer volume? Have you been searching for a way to lock the volume to make sure this doesn’t happen? If so, XDA forum member CuBz90 has stumbled across the perfect solution that can be obtained for free from the Android Market.

In addition to allowing you to lock your volume level, Volume Control+ allows you to create appealing widgets to control any of your device’s volume settings. In the words of the developers:

Volume Control+ is a volume control app that support
changing control types and colors.


Three kinds of control types
- Volume dial : Feeling of analog device
Buttons : Precise control
Seek bars(sliders) : Quick and easy
※ If you want to know the total volume in dial control mode, turn your device into horizontal

System settings

- Change ringtone
- Use incoming call volume for notifications

Homescreen widget

Lock volume
- ‘Lock volume’ prevent unwanted changing volume and  ringer mode
(The volume will be fixed in locked state, but this application can control the volume in lock state)

Source XDA