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‘Donate Money For My Helicopter, God Shall Bless You With A Car’- Texas Bishop Tells Parishioners

There’s is no question Bishop I. V. Hilliard has built a religious empire at New Light Church in Houston. There are thousands of members with 6 locations including one in Austin.

This is the controversy that’s sparking heated debates on social media. It’s a news letter by Bishop Billiard sent to some members of New Light.

It tells members of the flock they would like to raise $50,000 to replace the blades on the church’s helicopter. The letter goes on to tell those who donate $52 each will receive a blessing from God. The letter from Billiard indicates if you donate they could received the transportation mode or car of their choice from God…That blessing would arrive in either 52 days or 52 weeks.

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iFLY Airbus A330 Jet Takes 7 Flights Before Maintenance Crew Notice Dead Stowaway In Wheel Well

AN iFLY jet took SEVEN flights before maintenance workers finally noticed there was a dead stowaway in the wheel well.

The iFly Airbus A330-300 had completed a flight from Rimini, Italy to Moscow, Russia when maintenance workers noticed blood stains on the main landing gear struts. After a complete inspection of the wheel well they found the remains of a male carrying a Georgia passport.

According to the Aviation Herald, autopsy results on June 6 revealed the man had frozen to death.

Investigations are underway to determine where the man might have got onto the aircraft.

“According to a preliminary conclusion, the Afro-American man died from freezing. The man was apparently flying without a ticket,” the Investigative Committee said on its website.

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Chicago Aims To Curb Teen Pregnancy By Showing Photos Of… Pregnant Teenage Boys

The city of Chicago’s Department of Public Health wants to get kids and their parents talking about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it. And they want to convince teens that unplanned teen pregnancy is not just an issue for girls to deal with. They have accomplished both goals with their new provocative ad campaign that features pregnant teen boys.

Take a look:

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3 Die In Moscow Helicopter Crash Where Drunk and Unqualified Pilot Gave Controls To Drunk Passenger

An inquiry into a helicopter crash in Russia has revealed that the accident which killed all the three aboard occurred because a drunk passenger was allowed to fly the chopper by its drunk pilot.

The accident took place on a December afternoon northwest of Moscow.

An analysis of the pilot’s blood after the crash revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.9 per mil, while the passengers had a level of 1.6 and 2.2 per mil.

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